The Filth Is Unleashed In The Secret World's The Whispering Tide Event


The struggle against the Filth has always been a crucial part of the action-horror MMO “The Secret World,” but now the evil extradimensional force is invading someplace that has been safe from its influence in the past: Agartha.

In the game’s latest event, The Whispering Tide, the Filth has used the Tokyo portal to gain access to Agartha and is threatening to overrun the world tree. And if that happens… well, it’d be bad news for all players, regardless of faction.

To beat back the Filth, players will have to band together to win battles and gather resources. The developers are promising that this is just the first in a series of events that will culminate in the forces of good winning back access to Tokyo—but only if they’re successful in their struggle.

There are rewards for aiding in the battle, of course, including top notch gear, clothing, outfits, and a unique pet. The more you contribute during the event, the greater the payoff could become.

If that’s not motivation enough to get back into “The Secret World,” you can get a free XP potion for playing right now that’ll boost your experience from monster kills for eight hours. Anyone becoming a member will get additional gifts, but you have to log in before September 29 to cash in.

Don’t let the Filth win. Summon your anima and save Agartha before it’s too late.

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