Let's See What's Inside Nintendo's New Wii U Zelda Bundle (Video)

Bogged down in all the fuss this week over Grand Theft Auto 5 was the fact that the new Nintendo Wii U Zelda bundle was released in North America. Coming it at a reduced price of $299 (down from $349), the system itself comes in both a regular deluxe and a Zelda: The Wind Waker HD themed package.

The video above comes directly from Nintendo’s Youtube channel and features the unboxing of the Wii U Zelda bundle. Half the fun of unboxing is seeing for yourself what’s inside, so I implore you to check out the video above before reading the description of what’s inside.

The bundle contains a voucher for a free Zelda: The Wind Waker HD digital download (releasing 2 weeks earlier digitally than its physical release on October 4th), a digital download code for the Hyrule Historia, a golden-inscribed Wind Waker-themed Wii U black Game Pad, a black Nintendo Wii U hardware box and necessary power cords, cables and HDMI input.

The Wii U Zelda bundle looks like a great purchase for those interested in the Wii U but did not want to pay $349 for the hardware. Additionally, a lot of prized Nintendo IP’s are releasing or have released major games in the past and future months. The lineup includes games from Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Sonic and Mario, among others.

You can pick up the Nintendo Wii U Zelda bundle in stores now for $299.99, while supplies last.

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