Saints Row IV Released Free "GAT V" DLC The Day GTA V Launches

A little bit of a tongue-twister, no? In a troll-job meant to confuse gamers and slight the release of GTA V, the team at Deep Silver Volition have released a free DLC for the game Saints Row IV. It is called, “GAT V,” and it will be free to Steam users today. It will also appear on consoles in the US today and internationally starting tomorrow.

It’s not much in terms of content, however. You get an outfit for “Johnny Gat”, combat knife launcher, a 50. cal rifle and a bonus “Aisha” outfit. The content is not the purpose of the DLC, as Deep Silver chose the day GTA V launches to release the similarly-named pack for free.

It seems to have people confused, as Kotaku noticed that people are using the hashtag “#GATV” on Twitter either talking about the Rockstar-developed game or about Saints Row IV. More than anything, it will have people talking about a competitor’s game on the hallowed release of GTA V. Still, I doubt it will do much difference, as analysts suspect GTA V to sell at least 20 million copies by March.

The GAT V DLC will be free for today only on Steam, so make sure to pick it up if you own the game. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto V is released today on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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