Call Of Duty: Ghosts Single Player Campaign Trailer Released

The single player campaign of any Call of Duty game usually takes the back seat, in terms of recognition, to each game’s multiplayer. But when Call of Duty: Ghosts kick off their newly-released trailer with a space station explosion, armed astronauts shooting at each other in space and some sort of WMD launching on US soil? You’re bound to grab some attention from onlookers.

Infinity Ward has always made their first person shooters comprised of a single player campaign with Michael Bay-esque explosions and action, and today’s trailer delivers as expected. There are battles taking place on sky trams, with helicopters whizzing by that crash into them, missiles being launched at American soldiers in a San Diego-based baseball park, presumed playable characters escaping a bombing run by narrowly dodging falling jets and tower. There’s even a dog that single-handedly takes down a small helicopter by biting down on the pilot’s neck!

What truly solidifies the legitimacy of this Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer is the classic story beats of American perseverance. The landscape has been leveled as the US becomes prone to invasion. It’s up to those willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country to take the fight to the enemy and take back what is theirs. While the story synopsis and the visuals may seem a bit ridiculous, it is par for the course with respects to the series.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on November 5 for the PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PC. The game will also serve as a launch day title for the PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (November 22).

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