Weekly Countdown: Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Of All Time

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Generation three in the console era is starting to sing its swan song. And with the release of the Xbox One on the horizon, we here wanted to look back at the absolute best that the Xbox 360 had to offer in the eight years that it’s been on the market.

From ground-breaking gameplay to stories that pulled you in, the Xbox 360 had no short of classic titles that earned it the “award” of being the generation’s top selling console.

But of the hundreds upon hundreds of games that were released for the second system from Microsoft, there are 10 that truly stood out among the rest.

So, without further ado it’s time for the top 10 Xbox 360 games of all time.

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  • Miguel Vilhena

    This is why I won’t get an Xbox One next generation: 5 First Person Shooters in the Top 10 games.

  • Justme

    Most of them are Multi-platform, And like Miguel say, 5 FPS. Same for me no Xbone for me.

  • Shannon L Gillece

    This is the crappiest list I have ever seen for Xbox 360 games.

    • Geoff Porter

      I agree and disagree. The list wasn’t great (I mean seriously, how does Red Dead outrank the game it was a scaled down copy of?), and Fallout 3 and Mass Effect II definitely deserve to be on the list. However, it would be tough to make the argument that Oblivion was better than Skyrim. Hands down, the best game in the series was Morrowind with its crazy levels of customization and player freedom. Oblivion took away SO much of what made Morrowind great, and Skyrim began to reintroduce some of those concepts to the series.

  • adpalmer83 .

    So yes, your list was kinda bad, but that’s not why I’m leaving a comment. Whoever made this list is presumably a video game journalist. Do you really think this outgoing generation of consoles was the third? Seriously? You might want to find a new job if your knowledge of video games is that terrible.