Top 10 Impressive Gaming Skills Videos Part 2

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Today we continue on from last week’s part 1 to bring you part 2 of the Top 10 Impressive Gaming Skills list.

#5: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – DiosX vs. Combofiend Super Arcade Grand Finals

Fighting games might be one of the purest expressions of gaming skill in all of video games. They require you to know complex button combinations, have the experience to know what situations to use them in, and know how to adapt to the situation of the moment. Of course, most of that is thrown out the window when you’re down to a sliver of health, as was the case TWICE for Combofiend against DiosX in UMvC3 play back in 2011.

Using the Spencer character as team anchor, Combofiend was really on the ropes down two characters with 1.5 bars of health between them against not being able to take a hit at all. From there he did the remarkable, going on a full out aggression by dodging missile control, getting through Storm’s blocks and eventually taking down DiosX’s remaining characters to take an amazing comeback on the books and take a 2-0 set lead.

It didn’t end there. No more than 2 minutes later was Combofiend down to a sliver of health once again, this time against a near-unscathed Sentinel, perfect Dr. Doom and 70% Storm. Knocking out X factor to regain health, prevent chip death and to power up follows an impressive gaming moment in Combofiend bodying all three of DiosX’s characters to take the set and the match. Truly amazing play to come back from almost no health twice in a single match.

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